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Greek Metal vol 20

Genre: Thrash Metal/Death Metal/Heavy Metal/Doom Metal
Year : 2012

1.Wings in Motion - Lifetrap
2.Tristi Somnium - Inner feelings
3.Chthonian Alchemy - Eggelados
4.Fallen Arise - Under The Bliss Of The Sun
5.Chained and Desperate - Divine Authority Abolishment
6.Dark Messiah - Leonidis Tou Yllou Tou Hrakleos
7.Dead By Dawn - Constant Reminders
8.Lord Impaler - Warchant
9.Necrovorous - Deathknells
10.Hordes Of Decay - Purification by unearthly forces
11.Human Rejection - Tears of Blood
12.Universe217 - Tv lovers
13.Scar Of The Sun - Disciple Of The Sun
14.Planet Of Zeus - Macho Libre
15.Strikelight - Taste My Attack
16.Outloud - Love Catastrophe
17.Black Mamba - Therapillusion
18.Delivers - Picture of a strong
19.Full House Brew Crew - Legal Crime
20.Vermillion Days - Vermillion Days
21.Human Genom - For So Long
22.OlympuΣ - XZONE
23.Alpha Centauri - Alpha Centauri
24.Unholy Void - Rise The Banners Of Blasphesy
25.Leprosy - Liel