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5:46 μ.μ.

Greek Metal vol 19

Genre: Thrash Metal/Death Metal/Heavy Metal/Doom Metal
Year : 2011

1.Wardrum - The Meaning Of Forever
2.Snowblind - Prisoners On Planet Earth
3.The Eventide - A Crimson Dawn
4.consPiracy - Hope Over Board
5.Bio Cancer - Ear Piercing Thrash
6.Violent Disease - My Awakening
7.Spider Kickers - Are You Dead
8.CODEDECODED - Farewell To The Flesh
9.Chaos Reign - Children Of Malice
10.Double Square - Of Gods
11.Decomposed Existence - Flesh Corrosion
12.System Decay - Beneath My Flesh
13.Never-Trust - Never-Trust
14.Insane Court - Weekend
15.Ice In Eyes - When I'm Falling
16.Powerstorm - Just What i am
17.Innosense - Revolution Rise
18.BanDemoniC - The Seeker
19.Zandem - Shoot To Kill
20.Crusade Of Steel - Crusade Of Steel