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Greek Metal vol12

Genre: Black Metal/Thrash Metal/Death Metal/Power Metal
Year : 2010

1.Agatus - Tatra Vulgus
2.Dark Vision - Signs From Fallen Stars
3.Abyssgale - Anileo
4.A Hellish Digest - Lifetime Misfortune And Concequences
5.Diabolical Principles - Darkness
6.Cross Denied - Requiem For A Dying World
7.Crownest - The Darkest Cellar
8.Opened Paradise - Opened Paradise (GOD cover)
9.Delusive Masque - Sinners Shall Pay
10.Black Candles - Blind Fullfilment
11.Deus Ignotus - Secret Symbols of their Underworld
12.Dark Triarchy - Cult of North winds
13.Divine Element - A Day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey
14.Immaterial Creation - Anger Of Blaze
15.Dark Path - Master Of Pain
16.Sanctorum - Flight of the Dragons
17.Black Soul - Satanic Attack
18.Ancestral Rhymes - Theogony Birth Of The Gods
19.Omega - Hellahammer
20.Caedes Cruenta - ΣΚΙΕΣ ΔΑΙΜΟΝΩΝ
21.Crave For Light - December Sicks
22.Immaterial Creation - Bloody BattleGround
23.Speedblow - Silence is breaking
24.Sacred Spell - Salvation


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